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 At Nikibiki.com, we like to take care of our customers. It is our main prioority to do so and for that reason alone, we like to offer a REWARD POINTS PROGRAM were our members will be able to save up from 2% up to 5% discount for an unlimited time.

 Every dollar that you spent will earn you a point. The more points you save, the more discount you can get. When your account saves up to 5,000points we will grant you a 2% discount rate to all your purchases. When you hit 10,000points then the discount rate will go up to 3%! And finally when you hit 30,000points you will receive 5% discount for all your future orders.

The following percentage discount rate is permanent and will be applied to every purchase:

 You can always check your reward points on the website without habing to change your original page. It's located on the left side right below the Retail Customer Advertisement column.The points are automatically updated after you make a purchase or even while making one.The points will instantly be added to your account.

 Our system will automatically apply your Reward Points to every order you check out. You can always check it at the end of every purchase. You do not need to input any special codes or certificated number. It is all saved in your accoount and updated daily. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of all the savings, don't miss it!

**Restrictions Apply: These Reward Points will only apply for those who place an online order using their account only. Any e-mails, fax, and phone-orders will not be included as points.